Welcome to the wild health shop

Welcome to The Wild Health Shop

Giving animals and people choices

"Maybe it's time to re-evaluate our relationship with animals, and start perceiving them as active, rather than passive, beings." Caroline Ingraham BBC Radio 4

Caroline founded The Wild Health Shop to provide the highest quality products for use in applied zoopharmacognosy (self-selection). All of our products are human grade and have each passed animal self-selection tests with Caroline over a long period of time. Inferior products will interfere with results achieved in the self-selection process.

The animals have been her guide to selecting all the products on this site. Many products are certified organic, while others are sourced from small coopratives who collect from the wild, or cannot afford to go through the normal channels of organic certification.


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Video: Caroline guiding a behaviourist at Wood Green Animal Shelter in Cambridgeshire: When Betty was offered the rose oil she barked aggressively (rose releases resentment). This was a sign to keep working with it and subsequently she calmed down. You will then see her make a clear selection from three calming oils. Betty then goes on to select barley grass (rich in magnesium, which helps calm the nervous system), and you can see that her body language calms even further. She had never been allowed to be a puppy and didn't know how to play, until rose buds were put on her blanket, from this point on there was no looking back. You will also see that she is given a choice of two vegetable oils, and she selects hemp. It was the only oil she wanted to lick and took the exact amount needed. Her troubled past disolved and for the first time ever, the staff were able to stroke and cuddle her. 

Customer feedback: "When I first started using oils, I bought most of them from 'good' suppliers... Having bought a few replacements now from you, I can't ever go back! The difference in them from my point of view is intense, and the animals are all choosing oils they never wanted to go near before!" JH

We can offer bulk prices on most items across the store, if you require a quote on a quantity not already listed please contact us on 01453 511464 or email: wildhealthshop@gmail.com
Postage charges and packagingFor the third year running, postage rates are being held at the current level. Postage for the UK is set at one price for 1st class recorded delivery, or courier service for up to 30kg. If only ordering vouchers or single 5ml bottles of essential oil we will refund part of the postage that the website will automatically add. We endeavour where possible to dispatch same day for orders received before 12 midday (Mon-Fri). 
Recycling: Products are sold in recyclable, eco-friendly containers. External packaging (already made from 80% recycled cardboard) can be recycled and in order to limit wastage, all internal packing materials are recycled from local health food shops. A number of products are sold in lined aluminium containers, which represent the highest quality containers in the industry. These help to provide a safe non-breakable container, which keep contents cool and protected from the light, thereby extending shelf-life. All jars are made from recyclable PET plastic with recyclable tin lid.
For overseas orders, the shopping cart will automatically add an estimated amount of postage to the invoice. We will contact you, to let you know the actual charges once we know the final weight and size of the packaging. VAT is also automatically added to all orders, but in most cases, if you live outside of the E.U, this will be refunded. Please note that we ship products to all countries other than the USA and Canada (books and equipment only to USA and Canada).

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The Wild Health Shop, The Barn, Manor Farm, Upper Wick, Gloucestershire, GL11 6DE

01453 511464 between 10.00am and 4.30pm: Monday to Friday

(Personal pick-up's by prior arrangement only)

Important:   Please note that this website and its products are not intended to replace veterinary care. If your animal is exhibiting any symptoms of concern please consult your veterinary surgeon. Never put secondary compounds in the feed, always allow an animal to select herbal plant extracts individually. Always allow an animal to walk away from aromas. Never force a plant extract on any animal, either topically or orally. Cats only select to inhale essential oils and do not take them orally. Always allow them to walk away. Never apply essential oils topically to a cat as this application would be too strong.