Welcome to the wild health shop


Welcome the The Wild Health Shop


New laminated labels for our essential oil range to help protect them from dirt and spills.

Bulk purchase is now available on many items across the store. If you require a quote on a quantity not already listed please contact us on 0117 9145689 or email: wildhealthshop@gmail.com

  • New product: Fear spray (has been selected by all species): £10.60/ 40ml aluminium spray (see: other products)
  • New product: Gift vouchers: available from £25 (see: other products)
  • New product: Meadowsweet: £3.50/ 250g (see: dried gerbs)
  • New product: Glass rods: £1.75 (see: equipment)
  • New product: Glass blending beaker: £6.50 (see: equipment)
  • New product: Cleavers: £16/kg (see: dried herbs)
  • New product: Lemon peel powder: £5.90/ 250g (see: dried herbs)
  • New product: Ginkgo Biloba Powder: £3.50/ 100g (see: dried herbs)

Remember that your results in zoopharmacognosy are directly related to the quality of the products used. All of our products are human grade.

We are delighted to announce that postage rates are being held at the current rate for another year and postage for the UK is set at one price for up to 30kg.

Caroline has taken many years to source the highest quality products, which are the result of years of research into their properties and efficacy, drawn from the selections made by the animals themselves, to achieve maximum healing potential. The animals have therefore been our guide to all the products on this site. The majority of products are certified organic, while others are sourced from small coopratives who collect from the wild, or cannot afford to go through the normal channels of organic certification. 


Postage charges abroad   The postage added to the invoice for overseas orders will be an estimate. We will contact you with actual charges once we know the final weight and size of your order. VAT is automatically added to all orders. For appropriate overseas orders this will be refunded.

Animal Enrichment   Animals keep themselves in optimum health by naturally foraging on plants and their essential oils as well as algae, clay and other natural remedies. This practice allows them to use their innate ability to prevent disease. This innate knowing is the key to their well being.

Important   Please note that this website and its products are not intended to replace veterinary care. If your animal is exhibiting any symptoms of concern please consult your veterinary surgeon. Never put secondary compounds in the feed, always allow an animal to select herbal plant extracts individually. Always allow an animal to walk away from aromas. Never force a plant extract on any animal, either topically or orally. Cats only select to inhale essential oils and do not take them orally. Always allow them to walk away. Never apply essential oils topically to a cat as this application would be too strong.


If you wish to speak with us, please ring 0117 914 5698 between 10.00am and 4.30pm: Monday to Friday